Personal Development Tools

Dreams and Goals

The goals that will work best for you grow out of your dreams. When you have an image or an idea of what you really want, you can set goals that embody (give body to) your dreams, goals that energize and inspire you to keep moving towards them.

Sometimes, the people closest to you don’t seem to support your dreams. Perhaps they feel threatened by the changes you’ll likely want to make. Changes will affect their lives too. Talk to them about why your dreams are important to you, and encourage them to discover their own.     > Read More at Dancing With Your Dreams.


Follow Your Heart

It’s important to work at something that makes you feel happy and productive. As things around you change, the anchor holding you on course is knowing and believing in yourself—your values, interests and dreams. Your vision for the future gives you the energy to go after what you want. That vision may change over time, but if you stay in touch with yourself, you’ll be able to see where you want to go.      > Read More at High Five! A Winning Approach to Work and Life.


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