Partnership Information

Why Develop Partnerships?

There is strong evidence to suggest that when Aboriginal groups and industry proponents work together directly, certainty for all parties is enhanced, communities make more informed decisions, business and employment opportunities increase, exploration and development costs are reduced, and projects move forward more quickly.

These programs have been critical to helping Aboriginal Canadians build strong, viable businesses, and to supporting communities pursuing economic development.  


Partnerships and Our Communities

Strengthening the economic base, including lands and natural resources, infrastructure and people, is essential to building economic potential for Aboriginal communities, businesses and people. The real opportunities offered by investment in and growth of the Aboriginal workforce, particularly Aboriginal youth, must also be realized through a sustained focus on education, skills training and capacity building, and the removal of labour market barriers.           


An Overview

Over the past two decades, resource exploration and development activities have pushed further into every region of Canada, bringing significant opportunities in the form of jobs, business opportunities and revenue streams to the doorstep of Aboriginal communities. Indeed, there is solid evidence that First Nations, Inuit and Métis people increasingly play a central role in helping move these projects forward: the mining industry is now the largest employer of Aboriginal people; there are over 180 agreements between mining and energy companies and Aboriginal communities or governments across Canada; and, all but one of the 51 major projects currently under review by the federal government have an Aboriginal component.

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