About Us

Six Independent Alberta First Nations (SIAFN)

SIAFN was formed as a Society in 2005 to manage the Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreement (AHRDA) and Aboriginal Skills Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) for six First Nations including; the Louis Bull Tribe, Samson Cree Nation, Paul First Nation, Ermineskin Cree Nation, Montana First Nation and Saddle Lake Cree Nation.

Our goal is to assist our Nations and their members to attain training that leads to meaningful employment. We want to empower our people towards healthy and productive lives.

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A.S.E.T.S. Agreement

ASETS is a strategy of Canada's federal government designed to help improve the employment opportunities of Aboriginal peoples and enable them to fully participate in the Canadian economy.

The Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) is a complex program that supports over 80 Aboriginal agreement holders across the country. It involves the provision of financial assistance to Aboriginal organizations to support the costs of human resources development programs. ASETS aims for 14,000 to 16,500 jobs per year.

Three Strategic Pillars

Skills Development

ASETS strives to better match the development of Aboriginal labour supply to employer demand. In order to achieve this, AAHs and their associated Aboriginal service delivery organizations offer a broad suite of services and outreach. The development and delivery of a range of employment activities based on regional and local economic demands and/or labour market information will enable AAHs to target employment opportunities based on demonstrated need with the aim to realize more sustainable employment opportunities for its clients. 


ASETS seeks to promote formalized, strategic partnerships between the AAHs, industry, the voluntary sector, provinces and territories, municipalities, and other federal government departments to improve employment outcomes and the effective use of resources. Improved partnership promotes greater efficiency and effectiveness of Aboriginal labour market programming and can reduce duplication and boost leveraging opportunities.    

for Improved Results

Under ASETS, it is important to ensure that AAHs have the tools and supports that they need to address accountability requirements and demonstrate results.  These tools and supports will help AAHs set realistic performance targets, report on the achievement of program objectives, assess capacity and adjust program activities as required. Emphasis is given first and foremost to evidence-based reporting on outcomes.

Our Vision

We are a recognized, successful and progressive leader empowering our people towards healthy and productive lives.


Our Mission

Through leadership and support we ensure employment readiness in our Six First Nations.